Robert Ninow Guitar
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Comments and Reviews
Had a great experience with Robert. My very first guitar (94 Strat Squire) needed some TLC. Robert completely cleaned the guitar including the pots. Got the neck all straightened and dialed in the action. It's like having a brand new guitar all over again. He was very patient with me and completely explained all the detailed work he completed. I found his prices to be VERY competitive. Everything was completed on time. Communication throughout the process was an A+. Looking forward to booking some guitar lessons now :).

Fallbrook, CA.

I think I knew Robert was the right guy for my guitar (a 2010 Ibanez SGT110 acoustic) when the first thing he asked me was what I didn't like about how my guitar was playing.
It seems like a obvious thing to ask, but too many guitar techs and big box stores ask a flat rate and do the same setup for every guitar without asking any questions, which really doesn't make sense if you think about it.
If your car stalled at stop lights, and you took it in to a mechanic, it would be a little weird if he didn't ask what was wrong with your car. He would be wasting both his and your time, right?
Robert, on the other hand, was able to fix all of my issues on a guitar which none of the other techs here could fix. In addition, I learnt why my problems were occurring and how to make sure it wouldn't happen again. I cannot emphasize how much better my guitar plays now, it's like day and night in terms of play-ability.
The other thing you might be wondering is price.
I can say having been to every guitar and repair shop in about a 30 mile radius around the Murrieta/Temecula area, his prices are more than fair considering the professional work he does.
I feel like if you are passionate about playing guitar, this is one place not to cut corners with being cheap. Give Robert a call, he's a straight shooter.

Christian O.
Montabello, CA

I bought a second hand Gibson Les Paul traditional with pick ups that weren't what I wanted for that guitar. I bought some different pickups and attempted to swap them out myself and couldn't get them to work. The guitar sat for nearly a year then I found Robert. Robert not only fixed my wiring errors but did a terrific setup on the Les Paul I had dreamed of since I was a young teenager. Robert takes what he does with the utmost seriousness and professionalism. He's really a stellar person all around. I feel like I've known him for years and is one of the most kind people I've had the pleasure of meeting. Looking to take lessons from him. If you're in need of a repair, guitar or speaker cabinets, go see Robert. I'm certain you will be elated with the job he does. Thank You Robert!

Michael P.
Fallbrook, CA

Haven't left without getting exactly what I had asked for, all being done by a genuinely nice and respectful dude who's really into music. Temecula lucked out.

​Jordan P.
Temecula, CA

I recently brought my MIJ Fender Stratocaster to Robert for a set up. He not only set it up perfectly but he took the time to explain his work. Each time I met with him we had discussions about the guitar and guitar playing and he even gave me some tips. He is extremely knowledgeable and polite and I highly recommend him.

Michael Larocchia
Chino Hills

Robert is number one in Temecula Valley for your instrument repair and setup. His experience and attention to detail is something I did not expect in our area. I have been going to Los Angeles or San Diego for my repair needs, but not anymore. Just give him a call and you will be impressed by his service, price and knowledge! A+ A+A+

Dan Phillips

Let me start off by saying that as a professional guitar player, I am VERY particular about my guitar setups. Not only does Robert have decades of experience and excellent skills, he actually listens to what you ask for and delivers exactly that. I can finally stop making the long trek to LA to service my guitars. If you are looking for a highly capable tech and a genuinely kind person to setup your guitar, this is the man! Thanks Robert.

Michael Angeles
Los Angeles

Robert did an amazing job setting up my new Fender Jaguar! He made a great guitar even better. I would highly recommend taking your guitars to this very skilled luthier. He has high standards and a real eye for details.

Bryan Munsey

Very nice guy, seems to really care about the customer. Does quality work, he really went the extra mile to fix my wife's guitar and make it right. It went from a guitar you could play for minutes, to one you can now play for hours. Pricing was also very reasonable.

Jaime L

Yes he can work on your guitars... yes he can customize things... etc. But more importantly he will guide you and consult you into the direction that you didn't even know existed. He really knows his stuff and loves what he does and it comes out in his personality and workmanship. Really glad I found this guy.

Thomas Johnston

I brought Robert an extremely unique instrument that turned out to be a challenging repair, an 8 string (2 octave) bass guitar that had been badly abused. I brought it to him with bad action, frets that threatened to slice you open, and electronics in such disarray that you could get it to play by pulling the cable out halfway, as long as you didn't touch the knobs.

What he returned to me is one of the nicest playing guitars I have ever owned. He resurrected a work of art and I couldn't be happier.

Pedro Torres

Robert did a very nice job setting up and modding my guitar. He is very knowledgeable and was helpful in dialing in the tone I was looking for when replacing my pickups. ..Good guy, will definitely use him again.

Mike Dunn

Robert is a master at Strat setups. He has done fretwork, neck replacement and electronics customization for a handful of my guitars. Fantastic work. He's the guy to go to!

Mike McDade

Robert Ninow is awesome! He has a great work ethic and is very efficient with getting repairs done in a timely manner. He was very willing to take the time to answer all of my questions regarding amp/pedal-board set-up too. He was super patient to make sure my gear was functioning to it’s best ability. My guitar set-up has never, ever sounded better, much thanks to Robert! 

Jackie Parry

I brought Robert my Taylor 614ce to go over and do a professional set-up on. Robert is extremely professional he went over what he recommended and gave an upfront estimate for cost and completion date. Robert was faster then expected and the guitar plays amazing and is a joy to play. If I could give 6 stars I would.

Chris Eskridge

Brought Robert my Collings acoustic for a set up and it sounds terrific. Excellent work and a trustworthy guy!!

Marvin Morton

I was so glad to find someone local to Temecula who really knows how to work on guitars. I took my baby to him (my Ibanez JS2400) and he completely redid the electronics to get rid of all the noise and installed a kill switch on the guitar...very cool for machine gun type tremolo sounds! Robert really seems to know what he's doing, give him a shot.I can hear it with a punch, heavy, but so clear, round and warm.. sounds like a beast with my ampeg!!! Big thanks to Robert Ninow for his great work on my Fender Bass!!!

Edgar Santiago   USMC

Just giving a shout out to the awesome work you have done on my Fender Strat and my Takamine LTD-89 Acoustic Electric! I trust no one else to work on my guitars. You are the go to guy when is comes to guitar work and playing. Thank you so much Robert you rock!

Thomas Kerns

So I had this old Kramer guitar from back in the day. In the course of monkeying around with it, I managed to jack it up pretty good. And of course I had no idea what I had done to it let alone how to fix it. So anyway, this one day I meet Robert and he looks at the guitar and says it's fixable. I added that I wanted to have the action lowered as much as possible cause I still wanted to try to do that Eddie Van Halen thing. Personally, I was sure the guitar was done for. Robert had to go out and get replacements for some of the stuff I had thought was "extra parts", but he managed to do it and un-jack the guitar. What really blew me away, though, was his technical expertise. That particular model Kramer guitar apparently was designed by some mutant genius guitar dude and Robert explained to me all the particular nuances of its design. Most of it didn't stick, but I'll tell you what; Robert knows his guitar stuff. I recommend him highly. He got the action down pretty low too, but I'm still working on the Eddie thing.

John Nagy

Just dropping some love and saying THANK YOU for taking such good care of my precious basses. When people love their cars, they take them in for regular maintenance to keep them running in top form. Guitars/basses are no different. If you love them, take care of them, which is why I bring mine to you. Thank you for keeping me playing, buddy.

Dave "All Mighty" Garcia

I'm really enjoying the results of the recent work you did on my new Tele. Since meeting you in 2009 to start lessons again after 25 years of not playing, and the difficult problems you've solved for me with more than a few guitars, I can't express enough gratitude for the quality of work you've done. Thanks again!

Eric Dreher
Oceanside/Austin Tx

​Robert is the only guy that I allow to work on my guitars. I have referred my fellow guitar player friends to Robert, and now they go to him exclusively.

Pete Hatcher

Thanks again Ninow Guitar! Everyone @rehearsal could tell the difference after you polished it up and adjusted everything. It's growlier (yes, that's a word even if it isn't), brighter, and plays smooth like angry butter!

Mike Hawkins
San Diego

I just want to say how completely satisfied I am of what Robert has done to my 1998 Fender fretless bass. He restored it to its former glory. One can tell of the quality of work that Robert does by how he talks with you about how he is going to repair your guitar. You can tell that repairing guitars is his passion and life's work. In fact, I wouldn't even say Robert repairs guitars. I think the proper phrase would be "Robert restores guitars to their original shape". And, you can see his passion in the end result of the job. Some guitar techs out there just do the job and are then done with it and you. Robert goes beyond what the repair job calls for. He fixes one part of a guitar, then, checks to make sure that the other parts of the guitar are not negatively affected by it. I came in for a bass guitar set up and I came out with an almost new bass guitar. He not only fixed the action and intonation of the strings, he also checked and adjusted the nut. He even checked and fixed the electronics, cleaned out the pots, etc. Robert is one of the best guitar technicians, or luthiers, in Vista, Oceanside, San Marcos area. Maybe even the entire San Diego area. In my opinion at least. Thanks Robert!

Ryan Fortin
San Diego

As a high school student I have gone through the trials and tribulations of it all. And while I have watched friends go down the wrong road, I have been able to find a happy place. Music! Robert gave me that gift and because of it I have never touched drugs or alcohol and never intend to. Music can do so many great things for one’s life. Robert has worked on all of my guitars and given me lessons for over 7 great years. I'm proud to say that Robert has given me the gift if music and helped make me a better MAN

Ben Kuhl

Over the years I have taken my guitars to many good guitar techs in the San Diego area but when I found Robert it didn't take long to realize that I had finally found "the guy"! Robert pays close attention to all my requests, and asks a lot of questions to make sure I'm getting out all the details of what I need. I am very particular about fret buzz and other set up details and Robert is always able to meet my needs. Robert has made numerous electronics modifications to my guitars and all the work is 100% solid. Oh yea, he's also nice, very communicative and an all around pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!

Travis N.

Thank You for building me a new machine! Everything you create is legend! I can't wait to break the "Endocaster" in half with my notes!

Chris Wilson

I recently purchased a beautiful semi-hollow body Tele and I still remember how great it felt the first time I picked her up and played her. Robert Ninow came recommended to me by my bandmate who said that if I wanted my guitar set up right the first time that I had to take it to Rob.

Robert Ninow is as professional as they come. After having a good look at my guitar Rob gave me a run down of everything he has to balance and tighten- the labor alone was true to price, but the phenomenal service and the peace-of-mind is priceless.

What really impressed me was when I got my Tele back was that she felt and sounded not just noticeably- but significantly better. Nice low action and all of the hardware felt nice and secure. To top it all off- Rob put a rush on the set up without sacrificing labor quality, and got my Tele back into my hands in record time our full rehearsal that Monday.

Big thanks to Rob for finding my Tele's true and honest voice and REALLY making her sing. Rob is an experienced pro with a sharp eye and sharper ear who offers dependable work that yields a reliable instrument with its best tone possible. Robert Ninow will definitely be the man my band and I take our business to. Thank you again!!

Monica Flores
San Diego

Just got by bass back from Robert. I had it set up with neck adjustment, intonation, clean polish, string replacement, action adjusted and many more details too numerous to mention. Robert did an excellent job. Had my bass back to me in 3 days and I have been rehearsing with it for a day now and it's like a new bass! I recommend Robert's work to ANYBODY looking to improve the quality of their instrument! I give Robert 5 stars!!!! I will be back to him again!

Dan Eller

Robert is the only one I trust with my guitars. His talents within the San Diego music community, whether it be his amazing technical abilities, musicianship or die-hard supporter of the scene here are undeniable. It is a privilege to be able to bring my instruments to you and an honor to be able to call you my friend. Thank you!

Steve Potts (Symbolic)

As a lefty it was impossible to find someone to dial in a guitar, until I found Rob, he's dialed in 5 of my guitars and I couldn't be any happier!
Thanks Rob

Jim T.

To date, my best guitar is from Ninow Guitar.

Darren Apedaile

Very concise and friendly service. Wouldn't have my set-ups anywhere else.

Erick Angulo
Valley Center

Thanks Robert for your attention to detail! Can't wait for my husband to see his "new" guitar!


I've been touring a circus and music show in Europe, and was back in California a few months ago, banging my head against the wall trying to figure out why I simply couldn't play my new tenor ukulele as well as my old one. No matter what I did, it just never felt or sounded quite right, and I found myself playing with less clarity than my old uke despite my best efforts. I found Robert on Yelp, went in to see him with my instrument, and instantly understood why he has such amazing reviews on here. Indeed, Robert is a true master at his craft, and I will be bringing any instrument I buy to him for setup for the rest of my life. For a very affordable price, Robert fixed and adjusted a whole host of small details I didn't even know existed, such as redrilling the slots in the nut to make them perfectly fit the precise width of each string. He also measured the height of the nut of my old and new uke, and lowered the new one to make it play more like the other, which was a real gamechanger. In short, my ukulele is a new instrument. I recently performed in theaters in San Diego and San Francisco, and was indescribably delighted to find myself on stage fingerpicking effortlessly, and enjoying the hell out of every moment of it! Huge thanks to Robert, and YES, bring this man your instrument, you will not regret it!

David Poznanter

This was my first experience with Robert but I'll be back! 

Brought in a really average Gibson Les Paul that I got off eBay for cheap along with some halfway installed parts and Robert dialed it in perfectly. Now my Lester is as good as any I've owned and it plays like "buttah". I've used many of the top guys around SoCal such as John Carruthers, Tim at Top Gear, Fred at the Repair Zone, Morgan at NCGS and others - Robert is at the same level technically but also goes the extra mile to make sure you are 100% stoked with your guitar. I've picked up guitars from other shops and had a "yeah but..." moment where I ended up having to tweak things myself but Robert will keep working with you until everything is perfect.

What really sets Robert apart is the personalized service and also that he is a real gigging musician and teacher who knows his stuff. He is pleasant to deal with, provides accurate estimates, quick turnaround and does all kinds of little extra things without being asked. If you own an instrument that could play or sound better, the single best investment you can make is to get it over to Robert and get it set up correctly for your playing style. 

Highly recommended!

Mark Mori

I've been bringing my guitars to Robert for a few years know and I wouldn't bring them to anyone else. Besides setting them up perfectly he also takes the time to teach me a lot about his whole process of guitar set up. Not everybody is willing to take the time to teach people like that which is really cool of him. He's super friendly his prices aren't bad and he does a great job what more could you ask for.

Travis Elmore

I have never been happy with my Jackson Soloist I bought 17 years ago, and decided it needed a pro to look at it. I took it to Robert and was very impressed with his knowledge and willingness to explain the issues.  
He turned my guitar into an instrument that plays so much better I am finally happy with it. Another plus is he did it when he said he would. He is very skilled, knowledgeable, and has passion for what he does. A true rarity today. Highly recommended.

Kerry Calvert

Top notch quality work on my recently purchased Gibson SG. The guitar was good when I bought it. Now after Robert's work it is in amazing condition! I've known Robert now for 10+ years and have always been impressed by the professionalism and knowledge. Got my guitar back quick, and at a reasonable price. Highly recommend anyone to Robert.

Chase Hernandez

​A true pro... I brought in my Gibson SJ-200 KOA and was able to have him beautifully detail, clean, and polish, dress the frets, repair the electronics, and set the action to what I find optimum. My guitar wasn't terribly out of sorts to begin with, but he examined it with a fine tooth comb and was able to maximize it's many wonderful attributes. 

What really stood out about Robert was his willingness and passion to share his wealth of knowledge with me to a depth beyond anyone else I've used in the past. You will walk away from your first meeting with him absolutely confident that your beloved guitar is in the best hands.

Highly intelligent, highly skilled, appropriately priced, and authentically good natured make Robert the only person I'll use to optimize my guitar(s). I'll be bringing my Les Paul in for a possible mod and overhaul next!

Brett Collins
Valley Center

Very happy with Robert's services and prices. Will use him again anytime one of my guitars has a problem i can't solve on my own :)

Renaud M.
Lake Elsinore

I have never been happy with my Jackson Soloist I bought 17 years ago, and decided it needed a pro to look at it. I took it to Robert and was very impressed with his knowledge and willingness to explain the issues.  

He turned my guitar into an instrument that plays so much better I am finally happy with it. Another plus is he did it when he said he would. He is very skilled, knowledgeable, and has passion for what he does. A true rarity today. Highly recommended.

Kerry Calvert
San Diego

Came in because i had some fret issue... Notes were not making sounds... Robert didn’t sell me on crazy repair cost but fix the problem as efficient as possible. Guitar was fix in a couple of minutes and the price was very reasonable. Had some good conversation with him as well while at the shop. I'll be coming back here again and I really recommend anyone to see him.

Angel D

After calling Ninow Guitar several times over the course of about a year with random questions as to why my guitar wasn't functioning properly (thank you for taking your time with me to talk); I decided to have it looked over and set up.

Once he had diagnosed the problem, Robert ended up replacing some electronics and completely improving the appearance, sound and playability of the instrument. Robert's amount of knowledge and customer service is excellent! I have never had a better set up and I certainly recommend Ninow Guitar to anyone who needs repairs made on their instruments!

Tristen Howe

I found Robert through some mutual friends here in San Diego, when we met we realized we go back to our LA circle of friends too. I've had only the "best" service my basses and guitars over the last 20 years and Robert is one of the them. It's hard to find someone you trust 100% with your babies, Robert is that guy. 

The first instrument he worked on was my vintage 76 Fender Jazz bass, it has NEVER felt and played so well in my life. Roberts pricing is great, in reality he should charge double for the quality of work. Did I mention he is a great guy to hang with too? I highly recommend Robert to anyone from beginner to pro. 

Lauren Scheff
San Diego

Wow! I just got my guitar back from Robert, after he gave it a full tune up, and I can't imagine how it could get any better than this.

Seriously, this is the guy to go to for anything guitar related. I'm pretty new to guitars, and had just picked up an ESP LTD MH-1000 for a steal, but it was tuned to drop C and had insanely high action, along with the Floyd Rose having about a 30° angle from the body of the guitar. 

Wanting to play it ASAP, I searched around and emailed a few shops in my area to set up an appointment. Robert responded back in the morning saying "he was free that day could have it back to me that evening" HOLY CRAP! I was expecting to wait at least a week, but he told me to head on over, so I did.

When I got there, Robert went above and beyond what I was expecting. Like I said, I'm relatively new to guitars so we talked a bit about string selection, tuning, what I'm going to be playing and gave me his personal opinion on what he would do with it. He also took the time to break down every aspect of the guitar; like explaining how to work with and tune a Floyd Rose and explaining the differences between the pickups.

Next thing I know it had been an hour of us talking and figuring out what I wanted out of the guitar. I learned so much! and he gave me some great tips.

When I picked up my guitar later that day, I was amazed! I've never seen a setup with this low of action and no fret buzzing! He even took the time to fix a few screws that were stripped out and modded my volume knob so it has a more natural step up in sound. 

I can't recommend this guy enough! 
He went way above and beyond the already high expectation I had after reading the other reviews here. 
He has just gained a lifelong customer, and definitely quite a few more after all my guitar playing friends tried out my setup. They couldn't believe how easy it was to play!

Long story short, 
Hands down the best guy to go to for tuning, while providing the best customer service I've ever received. Don't even think twice, just get in contact him and you'll see what I'm talking about. My guitar is operating on a completely new level. 

Thank you so much Robert!

Phillip W

My son(12) and I have taken lessons from Robert for almost a year now. I have learned more practical guitar skills from Robert in less than a year than I did in the first 27 years I played guitar. 

I have a handful of guitars. I RECOMMEND his technical Guitar Tuning skills 110%. He will help you sound better, play easier, and look better where ever you are playing. A guitar tune from Robert is a must. I have turned many of my friends and family members on to his technical guitar Tuning skills and they all are amazed what he can do. 

Thanks for everything bro.....

Derek Rupp

Robert is a great guitar tech, teacher and all around great guy; he does top end repairs, modification and restoration of all types of stringed instruments. He has worked on 6 of my electric guitars, my acoustic guitar that had to high action so it rarely got played, now it plays so nice, I love playing it again. I even had him set up my electric bass guitar, even though I rarely play bass but just wanted my bass to play as nice as all my other guitars! I wouldn't even think of taking my guitars to any other guitar tech in San Diego. I've found Robert to always be fair, honest and that he only wants a happy customer and stands behind his work (which is excellent). And, if you're looking for lessons for you or your kid give him a call, he has a great teaching style for all levels and knows how to make the complex music stuff fun while keeping you on track and taking your playing to the next level. He's a great guitarist as you might expect and plays in a cool local rock band too! Give him a call and you'll see what I'm talking about and if you love guitar like me then you'll be glad you met Robert Ninow of Ninow Guitar.

Troy Kuisle

Robert installed a set of pickups and a wiring harness. Fair pricing, upfront about cost and scheduling. Got the job done ahead of time! Guitar was set up perfect as he went through it with a fine toothed comb. Guitar feels great and PU installation was clean. Will continue to go to Robert for guitar and amp service and advice. Thank you!

Dan Rogers

My 14 yr. old son is always eager to go to his electric guitar lessons with Robert. Robert is a talented and knowledgeable musician who teaches with enthusiasm, patience, and motivates my son to want to practice what he's teaching him. From the beginning of my son's lessons, he welcomed us to watch. I am amazed at how much my son is learning in one lesson and how excited he is to learn!

Darla Sanchez

I have a Martin acoustic that hadn't been set up for several years. The action was so high, I needed a ladder to play past the twelfth fret. The neck was badly bowed and some of the binding was displaced. Robert inspected the guitar and discussed with me in detail his game plan to bring it back to playing shape. I could not believe the difference when he finished. It plays better than it did brand new. He told me to play it for a week or two and let him know if there are any tweaks that need to be addressed. So far, I have tried light finger picking to heavy rock and roll strumming and have found minor fret buzz that he will fix when I get the next set of strings. I am ecstatic to have found someone so skilled to work on my guitars. I highly recommend you let Robert put his knowledge, skill and magic to work for you. You will not be disappointed.

Jerry Davis

Robert has been great for my guitar collection! I have a few more challenges for him, but I am sure the nearly destroyed projects I started can be salvaged, top notch set up and repair work....!  

It has been about 6 months of lessons so far, and I appreciate and enjoy Robert's approach - I don't have a lot of practice time so getting the best fit for an instructor for my playing time was key - Robert will work with you on what you want to learn....wished I would have found him 20 years ago!

A great professional and on top of that - a really enjoyable and nice guy....!

Todd Koenig
San Diego

​I've known Robert for many years now and have taken all of my guitars to him. He has done a variety of services to each one and I've always been impressed with how meticulous he is. He really knows how to fine-tune the instrument and set it up just right for a particular playing style. I truly believe that it really helps when the person working on your guitar is an accomplished guitarist himself. I love it whenever I pick up a guitar, Robert will go into detail on what he did, why he did it, and how it works. I feel like I am getting a lesson on guitar mechanics every time. He is incredibly knowledgeable.
Not only has he worked on my guitars but he has even built me a pedal board. If you have an idea, he will figure out how to build it. Robert is the best!

Jimmy Patton

I've had Robert work on 3 of my guitars and he always does a great job! He is very knowledgeable and generous with his time. His setups and modifications on my axes have definitely helped my playing and make me want to play more. Recently, he dressed the frets and swapped the pickups on my old strat and now it feels like a brand new instrument and sounds amazing! Bring your broken, buzzing, out of tune guitar to Robert and he'll get you jamming again!

Amos Smith

​I was referred to Robert from a friend and could not have been more pleased with his knowledge, professionalism, passion, and high quality work. Robert worked on four my basses and they are in better shape than when I bought them! He's a problem solver and never once tried to sell me unnecessary services. I learned a ton when talking with him. I will never take my equipment to anyone else. I highly recommend him!

Sean Christopher

He fixed up my really complicated Kaoss Pad guitar with a GK GT3 Syth. This guy’s been around since the 80's he knows what’s up!

Arjun Kumar

Brought my Martin acoustic in for a set up. Recently moved in to the area from Phoenix, so the acoustic needed a little TLC. Robert certainly brings passion and knowledge to the table, but more importantly a basic love of the fundamentals for music, the instrument and the individual. We spent 45 minutes or so during the initial meeting talking about music in general, my playing history, habits and what I was looking for. He also gave a number of great tips on guitar maintenance that should help extend the life of the guitar. Following the conversation I felt very comfortable having Robert work on my instrument. 

When completed I went to pick it up where Robert made sure to take time and let me play for a while just to test it out. He made a number of modifications, including a change in strings used, that provided for a better overall playing experience for me.  

In the end I would highly recommend Robert to work on any guitar. His professionalism, knowledge and basic love of the industry provides a depth to the process above just getting your instrument tuned up.

Shannon Murphy

Took my Mainland Tenor ukulele (cedar/rosewood model) to repair the bridge and set up the action. WOW! Now it is so much easier to play, and even sounds better. Plus the bridge is now on solid. Robert really knows what he is doing. He has a passion for what he does, and it shows in his work. I almost purchased another ukulele, but at less than half the cost, I still have my great sounding ukulele that is now a pleasure to play. I can't put it down. I am so happy to have found a knowledgeable repair man right here in Temecula. Next set up, my old Taylor. I highly recommend Robert.

Chuck Sacayan

​Took 3 electric guitars to Robert recently for full physicals and setups to get them into as new playing shape additionally as Robert and I spoke about what/how I play, tones I like and even some of the original history and factory intent of some of the guitars, we settled on some modifications to make them even better. It was clear that Robert is ridiculously passionate and meticulous. Over the next few days as he dove into the project he would stay in contact, informed me of some issues found and offered great suggestions at reduced pricing given that he was "already in there" (things like seeing bad solder joints, sketchy wiring etc) and upon pick up he had the offending parts for me to see. At the end of the day my guitars are in fact the best condition and playability they could possibly be. I'm a gear nut and I'm picky about what I pay, what I receive and though I'm not going to tell you Robert is cheap, he's not. What he is, is a professional top shelf guitar tech that you would beg to go on the road with you if you were touring but you can afford even if you're a home player who cares immensely about your gear. You get what you pay for. I've had many people work on my stuff over the years. Rob is in a whole other universe of quality. Won't go anywhere else.

Sean Pitts

Robert is the MAN!!! I have an Epiphone DOT that I had taken to another tech to have set up and have some mods done to. The guitar didn't feel or sound right so I looked up Robert on YELP and gave him a shot hoping he could turn my customized DOT into a real player. Well, he delivered!!! Action is perfect and he switched out a pick-up with another and it sounds awesome. His attention to detail is unmatched. I also had him do a set up on my Gibson SG and I'm just as happy with his work on that guitar. Over the years, I've taken my guitars to a handful of luthiers and guitar techs , mostly in O.C. when we lived out there, and I've got to say Robert is up there with the best. The one thing he does better than any other tech I've gone to is explain and educate his clients about their instrument. He is BEYOND knowledgeable. I finally found my guitar tech out here and I will go nowhere else!! Thanks Robert!

Andy Robinson

​Robert has a deep passion for music that clearly comes across to his students. He not only focuses on the songs my son wants to learn, but provides the music theory behind how to play. My son is advancing well in his playing technique thanks to Robert!

Mark and Catherine Burger

​I just had Robert put toaster top pick ups and tune up my recently purchased 325 Rickenbacker. He did an amazing job, it plays like buttah. I couldn't be happier, if you're looking for a Luthier that knows his stuff, Robert is the way to go. It doesn't hurt that he is a really friendly guy too. Thanks again Bro!

James Laskey

​Among a number of other guitar techs I have gone to, Robert stands out for me as the guy to go to. 

Here's why:

1) Unlike many other techs, he takes a very personal interest in your instrument. Before he makes any diagnosis or decision, he actually explores every aspect of your instrument and a takes the time to see how it responds. He maintains that "instruments are like two are the same." 
Reminds me of a good doctor that actually takes the time to LISTEN and make a proper diagnosis, always aiming to solve things in the least intrusive way...any kind of "surgery" being a last resort, and not without a lot of discussion to make sure you understand each option.

2) He cares more about the final result above anything else. Time and time again he has steered me away from costly endeavors in exchange for more practical solutions that will cost less and last longer.

3) If the result isn't what you hoped for, bring it back. Rob has never let me walk away unsatisfied and always taken my instruments back if the wood shifted a bit after I got home.

4) He is not afraid to educate you on your instrument. Very open and honest, and willing to share. Many techs seem like they want to get you out the door with "their version" of your happiness. And when you ask, "So what was wrong?", they say something really general like "just needed a set-up" (please just go away). 
Rob has always taken the time to educate me on the issues he sees in my instruments and how I can better maintain the work that has been done. While he does run a business and knows his capabilities, he has no insecurities about sharing what he's learned in his experience.

5) Dude can actually PLAY! 
Why is that important? 
Have you ever watched most techs play? Painful. It's clear that while they are craftsmen, they are not always accomplished musicians...which means they often do not actually relate with what a "seasoned" player is looking for. Rob is a BEAST, and gigs regularly. Have you ever had a guitar tech who can out-play you? LOL! 
When you talk to him, you're talking to a TRUE fellow musician. No blank stares or glazed eyes. He gets it, he feels your pain, he's on your side.

6) Dude is passionate about his craft and it shows. It's so nice to have a tech who shares your passion for your instrument. When you drop an instrument off, it's in good hands. 

I could go on, but I'm still angry at him for moving to Temecula. Ha ha!
Still worth the drive!

Ernie LeDuc

Robert did an awesome job setting up my Fender P Bass. My bass had a bad neck, that was beyond repair. Robert found me a great deal on a new neck and set it up perfectly. The action was set up just how I like it, and the intonation is spot on. He went through the entire instrument and completely optimized it. And gave me a really great deal too.

Geoff Culp

Very knowledgeable and educational. Finally got my Squire Strat in. Robert made suggestions to improve the guitar that I never thought of in addition to my set-up and pick-up replacement request. Robert replaced my stock pick-ups with Fender N3's, did a thorough set-up and neck adjustment, and added a switched tone knob that gave the guitar a comparable Tele feel. This guitar now sounds amazing. Can't wait to start using it!!!
Thank you Robert for giving me a new guitar!

Kevin Seay

Picked up what I thought was a MIM Strat on ebay for a pretty good price. It had many issues, so I took it to Robert based on yelp reviews. Turns out it's a MIM neck on a USA body that had had some mods or repairs. Not a problem. Robert turned it into a smooth playing, great sounding guitar. There is art & craft to guitars. Robert is both artist and craftsman. Give your guitar a treat. Take it to Robert.

James Powell

Great service and extremely high quality work. I wanted to replace hardware on a '95 Ibanez bass and Robert absolutely nailed it. He replaced everything from a new bridge to tuners and gave my bass new life. Not only did he make my bass look better and cooler than new, he set it up with the lowest action I've ever played and it plays great. 

It is obvious Robert has a passion for what he does and it shows in his work. He is honest, did not try to sell me anything unnecessary, thoroughly explained everything and kept me informed throughout the process. 

Don't bother looking elsewhere, this guy is the real deal.

Jason Padilla

​Rob is the real deal. Dropped off my 20 yr old LP with Rob for a full tune up. There is nothing like getting your guitar back after a setup and Rob’s setup was phenomenal. Action was set perfectly. Sanded the nut that eliminated unnecessary buzz and did a little mod on my volume knob so I can roll back volume without loss that 8k shimmer. If you need someone to treat your guitar with absolute care go to Rob. Plus he's a ripping player and great guy to chat with. Will be back!

Tim Drnec

I contacted Robert to look over my husbands acoustic Ibanez guitar. He promptly returned my call and set up a time for me to drop off the guitar. When I arrived to drop off the guitar he asked me thoughtful questions to fully understand what I was looking for. With me knowing nothing about guitars, Robert was very patient with my answers and helpful with recommendations. When I told him it was a birthday/Fathers Day gift for my husband, Robert went above and beyond to get the work done in time for the dates. His pricing was reasonable, especially when considering the quality work he does. My husband was so happy with his guitar and the work that was done, he said it's never sounded so good. I can not recommend Robert enough.

Kimberly V

What a great experience having Robert fix my bass guitar. His skill are top of the line, that's what Robert did on my bass: Complete instrument check up! All screws, electronics, nut, neck, action, intonation, polished frets, clean and conditioned fretboard. Attention to detail prompt and personalized service. I highly recommend Robert Thanks Robert

Angel A

I Googled guitar repair in Temecula and located Robert Ninow Guitars. I went to Robert Ninow for recommendations on repairing my Fujigen Demian MIJ vintage electric guitar. I recently purchased it. It was obviously in dire need of repairs. Whoever rewired it evidently did not know what they were doing. Robert rewired it, cleaned the electronics and brought my guitar back to life. I took it home, plugged it in and was amazed on the quality of the sound and work that he did. Roberts prices are very reasonable and kept me updated on repairs. My Epiphone SG will be heading to his shop next.

J. Garcia

I've been tooling around with guitar off and on since high school but decided to get serious this year as my older son is really starting to get into piano and drums and I want to try to keep up with him. Robert tuned up a new Strat and Martin I bought and got them in working order for me.

I was so impressed with the quality of his work, the extra time he took to explain my options to me, and his laid back demeanor that I thought he might make a good guitar teacher. So I signed up for a lesson and had such a great experience that I signed up for four hours a month. I was completely ignorant about music theory and knew only a few basic chords, and six months later I'm amazed at everything I've been able to learn thanks to Robert. 

He's been teaching for more that 30 years, and it shows in the multiple ways he's able to explain and demonstrate musical ideas. I especially appreciate that he started by showing me things immediately relevant to the kind of music I wanted to play and worked from there. He's been very patient with me on points I was slow to pick up or when I didn't have as much time to practice as I would have liked. I should also mention that Robert has also been very flexible when I had to alter our scheduled lessons due to work or family obligations.  

I've had such a good time learning from Robert that I've started bringing my six year old a couple times a month to play with us on the drum kit Robert keeps in his classroom. I look forward to having Robert show us how to stage a proper jam session! Robert has kept my guitars in great working order through all the use they've seen this year and the lessons have been top rate. We're very lucky to have him in Temecula, a one of a kind guitar technician and teacher.

Nick Sinigaglia

​I was so glad to find someone local to Temecula who really knows how to work on guitars. I took my baby to him (my Ibanez JS2400) and he completely redid the electronics to get rid of all the noise and installed a kill switch on the guitar...very cool for machine gun type tremolo sounds! Robert really seems to know what he's doing, give him a shot.

Tim Santo

Ninow Guitar is the ONLY place you should be looking at if you are in the Temecula area. In my first , surely not my last, experience with Ninow Guitar, Robert really went above and beyond to take care of me and my bass in a moment of need. Two days out of a gig I had some wiring come apart in my bass that needed repair. On very short notice, Robert went out of his way on a non work day to help me with my problem. Not only did he fix what needed repair he also made a few other very effective modifications at no extra charge. Ninow Guitar was a very comfortable environment that exceed my expectations and Robert was very professional and knowledgeable. THIS IS YOUR PLACE FOR EVERYTHING GUITAR RELATED.

LeMolineaux Bain

Great service and extremely high quality work. I wanted to replace hardware on a '95 Ibanez bass and Robert absolutely nailed it. He replaced everything from a new bridge to tuners and gave my bass new life. Not only did he make my bass look better and cooler than new, he set it up with the lowest action I've ever played and it plays great. 

It is obvious Robert has a passion for what he does and it shows in his work. He is honest, did not try to sell me anything unnecessary, thoroughly explained everything and kept me informed throughout the process. 

Don't bother looking elsewhere, this guy is the real deal.

Kim K

I'm more than pleased with Robert Ninow's approach on how to set my instrument specifically for my style of playing. Right from the first very friendly phone conversation to the time I walked out of his shop, he was fully focused on making sure my questions were answered and that I was satisfied with my bass setup. Ninow's amount of experience, technical knowledge, and professionalism will make you be able to be connected with your instrument more so than ever and be able to communicate with it more directly. Just make the phone call to set your appointment and you'll see what I mean.

Cesar Lopez
Palm Desert